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Player Spotlight || Robbie “Fishhr”

This week, the Ziva and Austin interviewed Robbie “Fishhr” for his thoughts about his time with FSU Esports and the College Carball Summer Series.

Robbie, or Fishhr, is new to the collegiate esports scene, having recently graduated from Palm Beach Central High School this past May. But since enrolling at Florida State, Fishhr has shaken up the collegiate scene both on social media and in Rocket League. While he is a self-proclaimed “Twitter God”, he recently made top 100 of all Rocket League players as a rare keyboard and mouse player.

Fishhr, who has 4,100 hours in Rocket League, states that the key to getting better is putting in the hours: “You just need hours. Tons of hours grinding mechanics, game play, going over replays. Tons of hours.”

FSU Rocket League is currently 4-4 in the competition, recently falling to King University 2-3. Over the weekend, they look to finish out the regular season, playing games against RIT, Drexel University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

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