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Player Spotlight || Jack “JasterMareel”

After a brief hiatus due to the lull of summer tournaments, FSU League of Legends Garnet is BACK in full swing, competing in the XLNC Heavy Testing Grounds League. This week, the FSU Esports Productions team interviewed Jack “JasterMareel” for his thoughts about his time with FSU Esports and the XLNC Heavy Testing Grounds League.

Jack, or Jaster, as he is known in the FSU Esports community, is relatively new to Florida State, having transferred from a different school. In the spring, he competed on FSU LoL Gold before ultimately moving up to Garnet after the summer tryouts.

On the differences between Gold and Garnet, Jack said, “On Garnet, we have other players that are really good at the game and can carry, so sometimes I have to take a role as a supportive player. So, whenever the coach has told me to play tank characters or supports, I have to go and practice those.”

During their first week in the competition, FSU swept FGCU 2-0. On Thursday, July 23, the team faces off against Tempest Gaming Flare on the FSU Esports Twitch Channel at 8pm.