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Player Spotlight | Alejandro “Undeadking7”

After the Hearthstone season’s conclusion last month, the FSU Esports Marketing and Productions team interviewed Alejandro “Undeadking7” for his thoughts about the entire season.

Alejandro has been a staple of both the Hearthstone and League of Legends communities within FSU Esports, competing on FSU Hearthstone Black in Spring 2019 to FSU Hearthstone Garnet for both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. He expressed his excitement at the season’s resumption after the 2-month break. 

With Hearthstone being a traditionally single-player, competitive card game, the structure of the Tespa season is a three person team that work together to compete against their opponents in a best of 5 conquest. Typically, the team consists of one person who “pilots” the decks — they actually interact with the game, play the cards, and the other two who contribute suggestions for moves to make.

Alejandro expressed that he brought, “knowledge of specific decks that we played, so if we played a specific deck that I knew how to play best, I would give my advice to Austin who was playing. I would also listen to what they said, and we would decide together what we would do.” 

The team went 6-2 in the regular season and ranked 17 in the eastern standings of the competition. However, when it came to the double-elimination playoffs, the team fell short, losing 0-2 on the first day of the playoffs. 

While their run ended there, Alejandro expressed his enjoyment of being on the team: “It was an overall enjoyable experience for me and the team, to get to the level we reached.”

– Sheridan ’20