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FSU Overwatch to Compete in Tespa Play-ins

A few weeks into the start of the spring semester marked the beginning of Tespa’s spring season for Collegiate Overwatch. FSU Overwatch Garnet cruised through the beginning of the season, gaining 3 wins and 0 losses, before the closure of face-to-face classes caused a 3 month delay of Tespa matches.

With Tespa resuming in early summer of 2020, FSU Overwatch was thrilled to get back in the action. With 612 competing teams, FSU Garnet proceeded to the play-ins with an impressive record of 5-1 (+11 in maps).

Several rounds of competitive matches stand between FSU and the National Championships. On Saturday, June 28, FSU must win 4 matches or risk being eliminated. Should they win these 4 matches, FSU will proceed to the second day of competition on July 5, where they will compete in a round of 16 and potentially proceed to quarter finals.

Those interested in the matches can follow the bracket on the Tespa GameBattles website.

– Zachary “Rico”