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FSU Hearthstone to Compete in Tespa Playoffs

Halfway through the spring semester,  FSU’s Hearthstone team began competing in the Tespa Collegiate Series. Spring break was two weeks and two matches into the season (a win and a loss for the team, respectively) and soon thereafter, all face-to-face classes at universities across the United States were cancelled due to COVID-19. With the cancellation of classes, Tespa decided that it would also be suspending its tournaments indefinitely. 

After 3 months without competitive play, Tespa resumed the tournament for the summer, much to the delight of the Hearthstone team. Though, with one loss on their record against University of Michigan, it was sure to be an uphill battle for the team. In past Tespa seasons, teams with a 5-2 record proceeded to playoffs, whereas any team with 3 losses was out of the competition. After a few close calls and some wins (with a highly-skilled Rogue deck), FSU Hearthstone made the playoffs with a 6-2 record. The team currently sits at rank 17 of the top 32 Eastern teams. 

So…what’s next for the team?

On June 27th and 28th, the team will compete against the top 32 teams in a double elimination bracket. The playoffs will stay in the same format as the regular season (a best of 5 conquest with 1 deck ban). After both days of the double elimination bracket, the top two teams from the Eastern bracket will face the top two teams from the Western bracket for a final, single elimination bracket. The winning team receives $6,000 in scholarship prize money.

Playoff matches may be streamed on the FSU Esports Twitch page, otherwise, fans can follow the bracket on the Tespa GameBattles website