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Player Spotlight || Austin “Kingslayer”

In honor of the resuming Tespa Collegiate Hearthstone Championship, the FSU Esports Marketing and Production team interviewed Garnet Hearthstone player, Austin “Kingslayer”.

Due to the cancellation of the Tespa Hearthstone Collegiate season, he has not spent much time grinding the ladder on Hearthstone, but plays it from time to time. The team looks forward to the resuming season, bringing a variety of decks to their first match against RIT on June 1st.

He expressed that he did not have a lot of expectations for the season, due to not knowing exactly which schools they would be playing against. In half-jest, he stated, “my expectation is to win…because that’s what we’re going to do.”

Tune in on Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm ET to watch FSU face off against a variety of Eastern schools and attempt to make it to the top in the Tespa Collegiate Hearthstone Championship.