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Player Spotlight || Robbie “Fishhr”

This week, the Ziva and Austin interviewed Robbie “Fishhr” for his thoughts about his time with FSU Esports and the College Carball Summer Series.

Robbie, or Fishhr, is new to the collegiate esports scene, having recently graduated from Palm Beach Central High School this past May. But since enrolling at Florida State, Fishhr has shaken up the collegiate scene both on social media and in Rocket League. While he is a self-proclaimed “Twitter God”, he recently made top 100 of all Rocket League players as a rare keyboard and mouse player.

Fishhr, who has 4,100 hours in Rocket League, states that the key to getting better is putting in the hours: “You just need hours. Tons of hours grinding mechanics, game play, going over replays. Tons of hours.”

FSU Rocket League is currently 4-4 in the competition, recently falling to King University 2-3. Over the weekend, they look to finish out the regular season, playing games against RIT, Drexel University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Player Spotlight | Alejandro “Undeadking7”

After the Hearthstone season’s conclusion last month, the FSU Esports Marketing and Productions team interviewed Alejandro “Undeadking7” for his thoughts about the entire season. Alejandro has been a staple of both the Hearthstone and League of Legends communities within FSU Esports, competing on FSU Hearthstone Black in Spring 2019 to FSU Hearthstone Garnet for both […]

FSU Hearthstone to Compete in Tespa Playoffs

Halfway through the spring semester,  FSU’s Hearthstone team began competing in the Tespa Collegiate Series. Spring break was two weeks and two matches into the season (a win and a loss for the team, respectively) and soon thereafter, all face-to-face classes at universities across the United States were cancelled due to COVID-19. With the cancellation […]

Player Spotlight || Noah “Noahdd”

As part of this week’s “Hearthstone Week” for Player Spotlights, the FSU Esports Marketing and Production team interviewed Noah “Noahdd”. Noah has not competed for FSU Esports for long, due to the cancellation of the Tespa Hearthstone Collegiate Championship, but he expressed his excitement for the resuming season. After their 3-0 win against Rochester Institute […]

Player Spotlight || Austin “Kingslayer”

In honor of the resuming Tespa Collegiate Hearthstone Championship, the FSU Esports Marketing and Production team interviewed Garnet Hearthstone player, Austin “Kingslayer”. Due to the cancellation of the Tespa Hearthstone Collegiate season, he has not spent much time grinding the ladder on Hearthstone, but plays it from time to time. The team looks forward to […]

Player Spotlight || Garrett “Gman”

In honor of the upcoming Florida Mayhem Collegiate Rumble, the FSU Esports Marketing and Production team interviewed Garnet Overwatch player, Garrett “Gman”. Garrett recently finished his sophomore year at Florida State and became involved with FSU Esports at the beginning of this past Spring semester. Due to the cancellation of the Tespa Overwatch League, he […]